Why We Rebranded To Hisuperpanda

Earlier this March, you may have noticed that we have refreshed our brand! Everything was done thoroughly, and we’re excited to finally be able to reveal our new look.

From Epost Express to Hisuperpanda, we’ve been flooded with lots of questions as to why we rebranded and what has changed. So now, we’d like to tell you everything about it!

3 Reasons Why

As an ecommerce enabler that connects brands and customers, it’s important to know when your brand needs to be refreshed. And for us, now is the right time. Here are the reasons why:

1. Bring new fresh look to our client

Being in the industry for years, we felt that our previous branding no longer reflected who we are and the high-level of services we provide to our clients. And as a company that focuses on ecommerce, we wanted to make sure our brand identity reflected the level of strategic thinking that we have in helping our clients to grow their business globally. With the new fresh look that is more easy-going and friendly, we are determined to be the best choice in the hearts of our clients in fulfilling their orders and achieving their business goal.

2. Introducing more exciting services

Incepted in 2018, Epost Express was a logistics company providing local and international delivery throughout Southeast Asia. Now, as Hisuperpanda, we are specifying our services with the launching our Ecommerce Fulfillment. With the expansion of our products and services, we want to help retailers in creating incredible ecommerce experiences online, wherever they are in the world.

3. Engage, connect and serve our customers better

At Hisuperpanda, we believe that the most important factor in achieving our company’s mission is the relationship with our customers. We feel that rebranding would help us better communicate with our customers and will better represent our focus on demonstrating the work that our company does in creating countless ecommerce opportunities.

The Concept of Hisuperpanda Logo

The main graphical element of the logo is a Panda drawing, holding a red shopping bag. The animal is smiling and looked super friendly and welcoming. Indeed, Panda was chosen for of its cuteness, friendliness, and approachability. The logo was placed next to a red lettering “Hisuperpanda”, featured boldly representing a modern and bold look. It also reflects the professionalism and progressiveness of our brand and thus promotes customer trust.


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The word “Hi” in the logo represents how we want to be seen by our customers; always welcoming and easy to be approached. Meanwhile, the name "Superpanda" comes from the fact that the Panda is a powerful but kind and harmless animal. In addition to being cute and noticeable, Panda represents sustainability because of their endangered status, and thus is a suitable symbol for Hisuperpanda’s delivery services.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you’ve known us for a while or are knowing us today for the first time, yes, we’ve changed our look. But, we are still the same team working to push the boundaries and create the best ecommerce experiences for everyone. With Hisuperpanda, we will better connect brands and retailers to their customers which gives them the opportunity to fly high in the industry.

To know more about us, jump to our website today!