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B2B Fulfillment

Distribute Items From Multiple Warehouses

Manage and operate your supply chain
on a single system.

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B2B Fulfillment Process

Let our system fulfill your order on time and deliver it on hand to your vendor

Stock Inbound

Inventory storage in our international warehousing network ds

Palletise putaway on rack

Create B2B order anytime, anywhere on our system

Order receive, pick & pack

Choose the best shipping service to fulfill your order

Outbound & delivery

Manage your orders, inventory and sales in one place

Why Us?

10+ warehouses

Over 10 warehouses internationally to handle every aspect of your Ecommerce fulfillment.

More than 1 million SKUs fulfilled

Experience to manage 1 million and complicated SKUs across all fulfillment centers.

Manage 80,000+ orders per day

We manage various types and sizes of items daily in the most efficient way.

Fulfill order in 4 hours

Enjoy speedy delivery at the most affordable price.

Our Corporate Clients
Our Software

Simplify Your Order Processing

  • Manage all orders in one place
  • Inventory Management System
  • Order Management System
  • Courier 3PL delivery system
  • Monitoring & tracking
  • Personalized packaging 
Manage and Track All Orders

Order Management System

  • Manage all your orders
  • Create shipment, monitoring and tracking on one place
  • Receive more than 1 million capacity
  • Open API for marketplace or ERP system

Warehouse Management System

  • Fully integrate with order and inventory
  • Simplified platform to manage everything
  • Open API with ASRS and Robotic
  • Mobile apps to manage warehouse ( Google Apps)
  • Paperless pick list and delivery order

Inventory Management System

  • Real-time inventory update in integrated marketplace
  • Open API with marketplace or ERP system
  • Manage your inventory on multiple warehouse with one system

Integrated with Courier 3PL in Sea

  • Automated AWB in all courier 3PL
  • Lowest courier rate
  • Generate AWB anywhere anytime

Integration on Marketplace

  • Real-time updates on orders
  • Inventory updates sync on all marketplace in one system
  • Manage orders in multiple warehouse

Integration on Accounting Software

  • Real time update on receiving and order fulfilled
  • Support multiple currency
  • Easy to monitor P&L

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