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About Us

About Us

Hisuperpanda is a logistics company that specializes in Ecommerce Fulfillment services catering to clients across the Southeast Asia region. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our fulfillment centers are located in China, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Brunei. These fulfillment centers are well-equipped with cutting-edge warehouse technology that enables B2B and B2C logistics solutions.

With more than 10 warehouses across the region, we have the capability to manage over 80,000 orders per day. We thrive to help companies to explore the Southeast Asia market through our regional fulfillment center. Since our systems are designed to support international marketplaces, we enable countless Ecommerce opportunities as well as B2B distribution channels across the region.

Within 3 years, Hisuperpanda has recorded a GMV Gross Merchant Value of USD 30,000,000 from a wide range of customers ranging from individual, Ecommerce sellers, SMEs, SMIs, world’s top 500 corporate clients and government-linked companies. To date, we have managed more than 1 million SKUs across our fulfillment centers globally. Our customers can enjoy a speedy delivery at the most affordable prices as we provide a seamless fulfillment experience.

10+ warehouses

Over 10 warehouses internationally to handle every aspect of your Ecommerce orders.

More than 1 million SKUs to date

Managed more than 1 million complicated SKUs across multiple fulfillment centers.

Manage 80,000+ orders per day

We manage various types and sizes of items daily in the most efficient way.

Fulfill orders in 4 hours

Enjoy speedy delivery at the most affordable price.

In line with the tagline “Your Regional Fulfillment Centre'', Hisuperpanda never stops evolving to be the best Ecommerce Fulfillment partner in the region. We are constantly improving our systems and are always committed to providing the best service to our customers and business partners through efficiency and best-constructed strategy. With our services, we made Ecommerce accessible to everyone.


To become a leader at the forefront of the logistics service industry.


To strive for service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Regional Office & Warehouse

Our regional office and warehouses provide an incredible environment for our global teams and the work that we intend to develop with our clients and partners.

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